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Hello. Noticed You recently done some MediaWiki space editing. I wonder if You could help on how to enable the Wikificator gadget back here. It wasn't changed for a lonh time but dissappeared from the editing window for not known reason. --Renessaince (размовы) 11:15, 20 красавіка 2020 (+03)

@Renessaince Hi. I don't know the answer. I believe my changes did not affect it. However, feel free to undo my changes if you think they may have caused a problem (or I can do it for you). --Krinkle (размовы) 18:49, 20 красавіка 2020 (+03)
I never meant to blame You or somebody. I just thought You may have an idea - and the possibility to fix this gadget (because I can't). --Renessaince (размовы) 20:12, 20 красавіка 2020 (+03)