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Import from Old Wikisource[правіць]

Hi! Could you import all pages (+all talk pages, +all categories, +templates) from Category:Беларуская of wikisource.org. For legal purposes the import should be done with all version of pages (with their whole history; to do this uncheck the first option here -> [1]). It is easy to do but the impoter must have the admin rights. Regards Electron (размовы) 16:35, 6 красавіка 2012 (FET)

AFAIK, MF-Warburg imported everything. You can ask him personally, because I'm not aware of the importing procedure. Wizardist (размовы) 16:40, 6 красавіка 2012 (FET)
Yes, I imported all pages from Category:Беларуская, of course with their full version history. --MF-Warburg (размовы) 17:47, 6 красавіка 2012 (FET)
I am afraid, somethig went wrong... There are 1525 "Belarussian" atricles on Old Wikisource (only in main space, if we not countning talk pages and others), see the figure in red -> [2]. The couter of this wiki say: there are only 390 articles in main space, see -> Адмысловае:Statistics. What about the rest? OK. You imported more then 1507 pages, see -> Адмысловае:Log/import (some of them are categories and templates but I can't see any talk pages - some of them are important because their contain info about source of the texts). Electron (размовы) 02:50, 7 красавіка 2012 (FET)
Btw. Job queue is about zero, so it not the reason (after a big import some time have to be past to count all imported pages properly and the job queue describe the progress of counting). Electron (размовы) 03:17, 7 красавіка 2012 (FET)
OK. I am wrong. It seems that there in Катэгорыя:Беларуская are 1512 pages. There is someting wrong with the page counter. Meybe it needs more time to count all imported pages... But what about talk pages - it would be fine to import them, too. Regards Electron (размовы) 04:47, 7 красавіка 2012 (FET)
Yes, indeed statistics are wrong for newly imported wikis. I have now imported all talk pages of the pages directly in the Category:Беларуская of wikisource.org. --MF-Warburg (размовы) 17:12, 7 красавіка 2012 (FET)
Thanks :) Electron (размовы) 00:30, 8 красавіка 2012 (FET)
Please edit oldwikisource:Wikisource:Subdomain coordination to fill in the information on this new subdomain. If something is published in or before 1922 but still copyright-restricted in Belarus and unacceptable here, it may be temporarily hosted on Old Wikisource with oldwikisource:Template:PD-US-1923-abroad.--Jusjih (размовы) 12:52, 13 чэрвеня 2012 (FET)

Adminship at Belarusian Wikisource[правіць]

Welcome! Thank you for yours kind proposal. If you think I would be helpful... Of course I am not a native speaker of the language so I will concentrate more on the ordinal and technical acpects of the project. Regards Electron   01:34, 10 жніўня 2012 (FET)

Well, Bocianski, also from Polska, is not a native speaker just like you, but he's been on duty for years! And now I would not in this world say he's not Belarusian :) Wizardist (размовы) 16:31, 10 жніўня 2012 (FET)
OK. I will try, as well. I've send you my e-mail with my proposal and a kind request. Regards Electron   12:21, 14 жніўня 2012 (FET)


Калі ласка, можаце стварыць шаблоны "Дазвол: OTRS" (як рускі http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Шаблон:Разрешение_OTRS)
і шаблон "№" для магчвмасці нумераваць строкі (як рускі http://ru.wikisource.org/wiki/Шаблон:№)
Загадзя дзякую! Bogdanovich Anna (размовы) 18:34, 28 кастрычніка 2012 (FET)

Размовы пра старонку:Vybranyja tvory 1927.pdf/10[правіць]

Звярні ўвагу, прадмова ўжо гатова, можаш яе сабраць :)---Хамелка/ разм. 21:16, 6 снежня 2012 (FET)